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We have been offering engaging instructor-led online maker classes to kids and youth across the world.  

These classes are taught by our engineers and designers with experience in online teaching and class development.  A robust class curriculum secures fun and educational learning. No experience or materials required.

You can optionally have your child's creation shipped to you after the class (extra $25 including shipping to US or Canada. Note: some specialty classes may have higher supply costs. International shipping may be extra).

- 2 hrs​

- project based

- using secure Microsoft Teams

- $50 per class


Optional supply and shipping cost (between $25-$50) for us to manufacture and ship your child's final project creation to you.

Online drop-in
3d printing

Our philosophy is based on constructivism, learning through building and sharing.


After taking some of our classes, your child can design their own projects and can send to our mini-manufacturing service for production and shipping.

Want to bring these programs to your classroom?  Check out our in-school F2F and online programs.

Topics include:

Grades 4-12: 

  • Build a nightlight circuit  

  • Build a laser cut catapult

  • Create and laser cut a puzzle

  • Design and laser cut your own bracelet or necklace

  • Design a sticker

  • Design a 3D printed octopus

  • Design kinetic components (e.g. spring, chain, bearing)

  • Design a 3D print of a rigid object (e.g. spinning top, character, house)

  • Design and build a bobble head

  • Design a tensegrity sculpture

Grades 8-12

  • Design a printed circuit  board

  • Program a microcontroller